One of the main things that we concentrate on here at Blair Pharmacy is medication adherence which boils down to simply taking the medication that is prescribed to you correctly and safely.  

A review from the Annals of Internal Medicine show that 20-30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, and that approximately 50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed. What is this costing us in terms of our health and the economy? The authors of the study estimated that the lack of adherence is estimated to cause approximately 125,000 deaths and at least 10% of hospitalizations, costing between $100 billion and $289 billion a year. That's a lot of numbers but the point is: not taking your medication correctly is bad for your health and ultimately bad for your wallet. 

Here is the article from The New York Times that I used as a source to get this info - it sums up a lot of the problems of non-adherence.

Why does my pharmacist care if I take my medication correctly?

It's one of the main points of our job! Most pharmacists today go through 8 years of college to be able to take care of our patients.

Do we want you to be healthy? YES. Do we want to help you take your medications safely? YES. Do we want to be a convenient source for any questions you have about pretty much anything involving your healthcare? YES. Does your insurance company pay us more if you are adherent to your medication regimen? YEP - they do. They also pay your doctor more and regulatory agencies that basically have control of everything are swift to kick us all in the pants if we don't do all we can to help you follow your medication plan. 

So you can feel confident that I care. I care because I REALLY care, and I care because if I didn't care then I'd lose my shirt to the insurance companies. 

Additionally, keeping up with your medication plan makes it easier for me to plan out when I need to have something in stock for you so that I can automagically have it ready when you walk in. 

What can Blair Pharmacy do to help me?

To help you take your medicine I have invested in technology that is usually used for patients in long term care facilities.  What I’m talking about is strip packaging.  Strip packaging allows me to organize your medications into pouches that can be torn off each day. Take a look at our MedPac program for more information. 

How do I get signed up for the MedPac program?

Call me 205-358-3470 and we can arrange a meeting so that we can get you organized and start a plan to get all your medications filled on the same day so you only have one pick up a month.