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  • We can get some Ivermectin
  • We can order Wegovy
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Zinc Supplements
  • Happy Employees
  • Daniels Handmade Soap
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In stock shots
  • Covid - Pfizer & Moderna
  • High Dose Flu shots
  • Preservative & Egg Free Flu shots
  • Pediatric- Flu shots & Flu Mist
  • Shingrix
  • Pneumovax & Prevnar
  • Tdap - Boostrixs
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COVID Update

Announcements Our Pfizer Covid vaccine round 1 has finished. I am proud to say we vaccinated over a 1,000 people over the course of 2 weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience with us and we could […]

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COVID Frequently Asked Questions Do I have to have an appointment? If you want to, but we are mainly doing walk-ins What vaccine do you have? Moderna for  anyone 18 years of age or older […]

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Meds made easy

All your medications organized into packs and labeled according to the date and time you should take them. What could be easier?

Free Delivery*

Don’t feel like leaving the house, let us bring it to you. We offer free deliver to wide area of Pelham and Alabaster. Some restrictions apply because some people be acting crazy.

Get your Thompson highschool swag

We are the official headquarters for Thompson merchandise and apparel. We keep a small percentage for credit card fees and the rest goes back to the school. Yeah, its a permanent fund raiser for the school.

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Family Owned

Im not sure how i should reiterate that its family owned other than to say Kim and Daniel own it and they are married ​

Free Delivery

We will bring it to you. Some exceptions apply.​

Automatic refills​

Don't feel like keeping up with your meds. Let us do it. We can also sync up your meds so that you can pick up one a month in most cases.

MedPak Program

Did you know amazon uses the same robot we use to make taking your medications easier. In fact we have been doing it longer and better than them. I dare you to sue me Bezos!!! Just kidding.​

Get the answers you need

Our pharmacist has taken the extra step to become board certified. What does that mean to you? He will probably answer your question correctly without winging it.

We customize our store to you

We believe the neighborhood store should reflect the neighborhood. Is there some random product you like but no one has. If i can get i'll keep it in-stock for you, probably.